Dear Friends,

This week we’re seeing many U.S. Supreme Court decisions coming through and while I support many of the decisions as I think they are supportive of the GOP and my views, I am left flabbergasted as to why the Delaware Chancery Court isn’t held to this same high standard scrutiny that our U.S. Supreme Court is being held to?

I’ve been writing about our Delaware Chancery Court judges for almost a decade now, starting with the outrageous decisions and rulings and what I saw as extreme bias by Andre Bouchard on the Chancery Court. Of course, Leo Strine, his Skadden Arps pal running things at the time in the Delaware Supreme Court also raised many questions about how power was being abused in those offices? No doubt many other questions of handling cases questionably led to both being dismissed from those coveted positions, long before they had served even half of their terms, as I see it, folks.

As you look at the Supreme Court stories this week, understand that while these justices are held to the highest standard, that our Chancery Court and Delaware judges are not. I think it’s high time that they are! 

Do you? Please send your feedback on this, folks. It’s always welcome and appreciated. 

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network