Dear Friends,

I was amazed at the remarkable feedback I received from my last piece: 99% of you are extremely concerned about the huge increase in crime everywhere. Only one response took me to task, saying that since a huge six-foot-five student attacked a Teacher’s Aide in Florida recently, “DeSantis should get his own house in order first, before criticizing any other state or municipality.” The huge difference between how most of these other places operate and the state of Florida is that perpetrators are prosecuted and they go to jail. They are not out the next day, to continue with carjacking, smash and grabs, vicious assaults, and brutal murders like they are in most Democrat controlled cities.

Cash bail, which has been eliminated in many Democrat-controlled cities, is the major problem, while woke, progressive, corrupt prosecutors financed by George Soros — who refuse to do their jobs — is another serious issue. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does not tolerate this absurdity and if you commit a crime, you are arrested and prosecuted in the state of Florida. I personally had a car theft and a home invasion issue. The police arrested the crook the next day and he is now serving a prison sentence.

I was delighted to learn that Chicago voted out one of the worst mayors in U.S. history: Lori Lightfoot. She actually encouraged crime and allowed an already spiralling crime situation to explode to extreme proportions. Good riddance!

As the American people are finally determined to end this criminal anarchy, they are finally waking up and slowly taking criminal prosecutors and incompetent politicians to task. Nobody wants to live in fear.

Folks, vote these monsters out of office, and look to Florida as the way to best govern in the U.S.A.!

Respectfully submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network