Dear Friends,

The latest outrage is the liberal, Democrat Judge in Illinois,Tracie Porter, decided that former President Donald Trump should be removed from the Illinois ballot. In the short wake of the Supreme Court, now hearing the Colorado fiasco and then the actions in Maine, this is beyond legal reason. Naturally, Trump has immediately appealed this absurdity to the Supreme Court as well. Trump has not even been charged with insurrection nor has he been convicted of anything yet. This is obvious political harassment and it will be overturned.

It was disconcerting to watch President Biden visit Brownsville, Texas today – the least border violation area right now – making an insipid speech about securing the border, an acute disaster and a true national crisis that he created – 100%. The hypocrisy and lies from this man are so huge and innumerable, I cringe every time he opens his mouth. If it wasn’t so disgustingly serious and dangerous, it would be laughable!!

Biden has been a liar all his life, from the time he was elected a US Senator from Delaware to now. There is no doubt, contrary to the outrageous, obvious, and absurd protestations from Democrat Congressmen, saying “there is no evidence indicating Joe Biden was involved in the huge, influence peddling scheme, led by son Hunter!” There is indeed a large amount of evidence indicating clear collusion, bribery, and possible treason? Innumerable bank accounts, distributing thousands of dollars to various Biden family members, the incriminating emails found on Hunter’s laptop – “10% to the big guy”, testimony from former business partners confirming the President’s involvement, and much more, have all been confirmed by the House Committee. The evidence is overwhelming.

From the day Biden was elected to now, has been one complete, intentional, and destructive disaster for our country. His destruction of our energy industry, his absurd fallacious Green New deal, forcing changes in everything – to forcing Americans to buy Electric Cars – to outlawing gas stoves is crazy. This idiot is funding our enemies, sending money to countries that are not our friends. He was unconditionally supported by stupid, democrat Mayors of sanctuary cities that have been forgiving illegal aliens, criminal activity and supplying these invaders with free food, money, free medical, free education, and free housing. Now that they are being overwhelmed by these freeloaders (while Veterans live on the streets, local children are losing playgrounds and parks, and the citizens are being denied things their tax dollars are paying for?), now they are crying about it! Folks, the cost to American taxpayers is now billions of dollars.

I won’t go into Biden’s weak-sister, foreign policy which could get us in World war III.

Enough said, please vote Republican or lose your country to a despotic group of hypocritical, Democrat leaders that will eventually control your lives in an Orwellian nightmare you won’t like!

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network