Dear Friends,

I have some friends that were convicted of tax issues and minor gun charges-similar to Hunter Biden. They got 3 years in prison. Biden gets a pass. Folks, President Joe Biden is a compromised, malicious, treasonous jerk that is responsible for the potential ruin of America! At this point, I really do not care who gets the bid to run for President on the Republican side, just as long as this monster in the White House is removed from office!

He sits on the beach in Rehoboth, while our country is clearly disintegrating before our very eyes! Inflation, Compromised Military, fallacious prosecutions, and obvious corruption is denigrated our Republic! Folks, the situation is in “extremis”! Something must be done!

I happen to vehemently and publicly be opposed to the entire Biden operation. I happen to be a Roman Catholic. I am Pro Life. I am a grandfather who is opposed to Critical Race Theory and gender politics in our schools. I wonder if I will be investigated by the FBI and the corrupt DOJ?

There is no doubt we live in a corrupted, Banana like Republic that is compromising our freedoms. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND!

What do you think? As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network