Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your feedback on my recent column on “The Birthplace of Chancery Court Corruption Which Began in the Walt Disney Case Have Led to TransPerfect Caper in Delaware???” I appreciate the variety of responses on this one. 

“Attorneys may become such good friends, but it shouldn’t have an impact on cases or case law.”
-Janice C.  

“If this caper was actually planned and executed as outlined here, this is everything that is wrong in Delaware and wrong in our country right now. We appreciate your reporting on this, Judson.”
-Carlos M.

“I don’t see anything wrong with this, or how you can draw such conclusions?! Of course attorneys will have dinner or drinks together and talk about cases. You expect them not to do this? That’s unrealistic”
-Jim W.

“This document appears to be quite damning. My guess is there’s nothing that will be done about it?”
-Dorothy D.

“At least one player, Bouchard, likely took the fall for this. Others too, I think, Jud. We’ll never find out what really happened with Bouchard being ushered out early, but I can’t imagine that this had nothing to do with it.”
-Paul N.

Folks, keep your feedback coming. Your comments are welcome.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network

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