Dear Friends,

I watched with interest the Republican Debate held Wednesday night, September 27th. All the candidates made excellent points about the economy, the border, inflation, and so on!

Frankly, I felt the standout attack by former NJ Governor Christie calling out Trump directly for not being there to debate was interesting. No doubt in my view Trump should have been there.

I also felt the hosts did a poor job in managing the debate, especially in regard to time and interruptions .

Senator Scott, Florida Governor DeSantis, and former Governor Nikki Haley argued incessantly about energy and the border.

In my view the most impressive and the debate winner was Ron DeSantis. I liked his view on the border where he would put the military to work to stop the Cartel enhanced invasion of human trafficking and insidious drugs. I liked his views on the economy, crime, and energy. He delivered in Florida and he would deliver for the country!

So be it, but nobody really established a significant, breakthrough performance in my view. I think Trump will maintain his lead at least for now. 

Most importantly, what did you think of the debate?

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network