Dear Friends,

Your feedback on my recent column on our insidious Delaware Chancery Court costing shareholders millions In the Elon Musk case and at the same time, an out of control money package is being considered. I’m outraged and so are you:

“The Chancery Court hasn’t been about the shareholders since Bouchard took over. They never should have put a rookie in charge.”
-Ben B.

“The shareholders have lost $48 billion in stock and it has doubled since you pointed this out with this tweet. You’re moving markets, Judson!”
-Susan M. in Wilmington

“I don’t like what a farce our court has become. I’m embarrassed by it.”
-Frank K.

“How can attorneys ask for that kind of money and even be considered by any judge?”
-Thomas C.

“Musk is a loon and he fits right in our crooked legal system in Delaware. I don’t like him and I don’t like any of the power-hungry judges and attorneys. They are all arrogant and deserve each other.”
-Samantha W.

“Why do the shareholders keep losing in our court system? I don’t understand?”
-Laura P.

“Someone will have to look into what’s really going on in our court system in Delaware.
Please keep up your reporting on this, Jud.”
-Eric B.

“How is it that billions are even being discussed? Billions?? I can’t believe what I’m reading.”
-Robert P.

Keep your feedback coming, folks! Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
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