Dear Friends,

Without a doubt in my educated mind, I believe President Joe Biden is the worst President in United States history. He is dishonest, has pathetic judgement, and has clearly violated his oath of office. He is now and has been protected, along with his incorrigible son Hunter Biden in my opinion, by a seemingly corrupt Delaware US Attorney who intentionally has delayed investigations and criminal prosecutions.

The absurd, fake Green New Deal, the dangerous, premature elimination of our petroleum industry — taking us from the world’s number one exporter to depending on oil from our enemies is all on Joe Biden’s inadequate actions. His near depletion of our oil reserves to pump up and disguise his stupid mistakes was irresponsible and dangerous for our national security. The terrible inflation, the inflated gas and diesel prices are all caused by Biden’s actions.

The Southern border situation, where the border has been intentionally and maliciously opened to the world under the direct orders of President Joe Biden is, in my view, a form of treason. He is clearly violating his oath of office by going against our immigration laws. Millions of un-vetted, undocumented people from all over the world are being released throughout our country, because of Biden’s orders!!! Many carry diseases, carry dangerous drugs, or are terrorists coming here to do us harm. Over 150,000 Americans have died of Fentanyl poisoning, because of Biden’s policies. He should be charged with 2nd degree murder. How can a President of the United States justify the horrendous Mexican Cartels operating and controlling the entire Southern border with impunity???

Biden has sold us out, with the help of son Hunter, through grotesque influence peddling, to Russia, China, Ukraine, and others. The evidence is again overwhelming, especially with the notorious evidence produced on Hunter’s laptop and written about in Miranda Divine’s best seller, the “Laptop from Hell.” Testimony from Hunter’s former business partners also implicate President Joe Biden’s involvement.

Then take a good look at Biden’s disastrous and pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan, causing the deaths of 13 American servicemen, and the wounding of many others. Also billions of military hardware was left behind, making the Taliban the best equipped terrorist organization in the world.

Folks, I hope our country can get through the next year of this President’s criminal operation, ridiculous policies, and treasonous activities?

Indeed, he is the worst and most incompetent President in United States history. Unfortunately, the Socialist Democrat Party has supported and condoned his operation, while he is being protected by a seeming, suspicious Department of Justice including the FBI leadership? While Trump is being prosecuted by Biden’s banana republic operation, Biden walks free uninhibited?

Trump, with all his problems, looks like a Saint compared to Joe Biden. We must remove Joe Biden—this demon, this abomination from office in the 2024 election and remove as many Democrats as possible in the House and Senate, and remove the insidious, Democrat Mayors whose cities are over – run with crime because of their no-bail policies! The absurdity of Sanctuary Cities and States must be stopped or we will soon have no country. Famous author Ann Coulter was right in her book “Adios America” if Biden’s operation is allowed to continue. There is much more that is horrendous and frightening about Joe Biden, as now his obvious increasing dementia on top of his dishonesty, is clearly apparent.

So be it, that is how I see it. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated whether you agree or disagree, bring it on!

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network