Coastal Network Readers Respond to Chancery Court Decisions Involving the TransPerfect Saga


Dear friends,

I wanted to say thank you to each of you who have shared your feedback over the past month or so, as I’ve been reporting on the latest developments in the TransPerfect case. What better way to say thank you then by publishing your comments. I appreciate all your kind words on the work I’m doing. Here are the most recent comments. I’m using first names only to keep your identity safe. Keep ’em coming my friends and I’ll keep publishing them!

Feedback so far from my most recent piece:
TransPerfect Wins Effort to Access Details of Skadden Arps Bills in Chancery Court Case

From Sam:
Hey Judson, Good article. I think Bouchard felt some pressure.

From Karen:
Bouchard said he “acted out of practical concerns” –
Too bad he didn’t act out of practical concerns much sooner! Good reporting.

From Vance:
Transparency is pure sunlight and I bet Skadden will be scrambling to put together those invoices-LOL Good Job!

From George:
Bouchard is such a political hack. Terrible for Delaware.
Good job, Judson. Best regards!

Feedback from: TransPerfect Employee Lobby in Quest for Diversity is Successful-
Bouchard Passed Over for Supreme Court

From: Alice:
Glad Bouchard did not get it!
Good job JUDSON!

From John O:
Hi Jud, Really glad Seitz got it. I know him. He is a good man. I know him.

From Peter:
Judson, Thanks for the information.
Why don’t you tell us how you really feel. Lol Keep it up!

From John W:
GOOD JOB—Love your articles

Feedback from… Good Guys Winning in Spite of Constant Trouble Directed by
Delaware’s Chancellor Andre Bouchard!

From Kathy:
Glad for TransPerfect—Bouchard has been really suspect throughout all of this!

From Kevin:
As a businessman myself and patriot, I can appreciate the Philip Shawe and TransPerfect success story. Your ongoing coverage of this saga has been amazing. Good job.

From Howard:
Hooray, This is an indication of good management when a company can succeed despite adversity. Glad for TransPerfect and Mr. Shawe. Good reporting Jud. Keep up the great work.

From Rita:
Happy for TransPerfect!

From Albert:
Thank you for keeping us informed about the Chancery Court and this amazing case.Glad TransPerfect is doing well despite its problems.

From Allen:
Bouchard has been a real jerk. Glad for TransPerfect.

From Percy:

From Rupert:
The corruption in Delaware has been going on for years. You have been truly exposing it. Fabulous job. Watch your back bud!

From Tom S:
Thanks for the information. Very interesting.

From Sarah:
Hi Jud, I have been reading faithfully your expose’ of Bouchard and the TransPerfect case. Glad TransPerfect and Mr. Shawe are doing well. Shawe must be a tough cookie. Keep up the great work and service you have been doing for years.

From Patty:
Good for Mr. Shawe and TransPerfect. The pox on Bouchard!

From Robert:
Good Job Judson. Happy that Mr. Shawe and TransPerfect are doing well,despite the Chancery Court bullshit. My wife and I appreciate your articles.

From Clint:
Interesting stuff Jud. Before you starting writing about it, few of us were aware of the perceived corruption in the Chancery Court by Chancellor Bouchard. Cool that TransPerfect is doing well.
The American dream is being realized. Isn’t it unbelievable that so many idiots want us to become a socialist country? Keep up the great job you are doing. All the best.

From Sam:
Glad for TransPerfect. Bouchard has got to go!

From Richard:
Hooray for TransPerfect. Love your articles!

Thank you again folks for your comments both by email and on Facebook.

I appreciate your feedback! Keep ’em coming!

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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