Dear Friends,

As the nation watches the fluid attempt by Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg to charge Trump with a ridiculous, shallow, and weak accusation concerning the payoff of Stormy Daniels, the Grand Jury, was told not to convene yesterday, but to stand by today.

Bragg, is an insipid, soft-on-crime idiot who is supported and funded by America hater George Soros. Bragg allows robberies, assaults, hijackings, and much more without prosecution and has helped, along with New York City’s useless Mayor, to turn this once great City into an open sewer of crime. This once fabulous city (The Big Apple) is now the Rotten Apple.

Ironically, this incompetent jerk is now trying to take down Trump for a charge that the DOJ, FCC, and FBI found not to be a valid case. Furthermore, a state prosecutor has no jurisdiction to prosecute a federal crime. Additionally the Statute of Limitations has expired.

The Secret Service has stated that if Trump is charged, he will not be subjected to handcuffs or the public perp walk that Bragg would like to see happen. Trump’s lawyers are confident that even if Trump is indicted, ultimately the case will fail and Trump will be vindicated.

The rumors are rampant, indicating that the Grand Jury is not convinced that Trump should be prosecuted.

Frankly, in my view, Bragg should be the one prosecuted and disbarred. These authoritarian monsters who are supported and elected by Democrats must be eliminated or our country will evolve into anarchy.

Stay tuned folks, we will see what happens?

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network