Thanksgiving Weekend Delaware News Journal Ad Calls Out Chancery Court Corruption by Delaware Insiders

Dear Friends,

Citizens rightfully call out cronyism by Chancery Court Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick, Former Supreme Court Justice Leo Strine and Delaware Governor John Carney in a full-page Delaware News Journal ad. Check out the ad in the link below.

Citizens justly call this out, “Corporate insiders like Former Chancellor Andre Bouchard, Robert Pincus and Kevin Shannon make loads of money trading relationships with the Chancery Court, and Chancellor Kathleen McCormick continues to make rulings benefiting them,” in the new ad in the Delaware News Journal this holiday weekend. 

Here’s what is said in the ad, which is more powerful and direct:

This holiday, I’m thankful to Chancellor McCormick for keeping my legacy alive, and for allowing my friends to continue to fleece TransPerfect and its workers. I got to use my position to enrich my business partner Steven Lamb and my friend Kevin Shannon. I’m proud of my legacy that continues to deliver for Delaware’s elite lawyers and judges. The ‘Delaware Way’ continues. – Andre Bouchard

I’m thankful that our Chancery allows judges to assign themselves to cases. I could pick the TransPerfect case even though in my former job, I represented TransPerfect’s arch-rival HIG. This would be a conflict of interest to some because my impartiality could be questioned, but I can still make decisions against TransPerfect that enrich my friends, including Skadden Arps and Bob Pincus. – Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick

I’m thankful for not needing to prioritize diversity and keeping the status quo on the courts and the revolving door open. – Governor John Carney

Allegations of misconduct and ongoing lawsuits of overbilling multiple companies didn’t stop me from making millions from companies where I was appointed to help. I was able to hire my own firm, where I was a partner, and that left me in a position to approve massive bills that lined my pockets. I am thankful that despite emails stating that I misled bidders to boost their prices unnecessarily, I’ve faced no consequences. The Courts made up of Delaware’s elite continue to rule in favor of me and Skadden Arps. – Robert Pincus

The headline of the ad says it all, folks: Profiteering on the menu this Thanksgiving?

Please see the ad in the link below and send your feedback. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated, whether you agree or disagree.

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JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network