Endorsement of CANDICE GREEN WILKINSON for Sussex County Register of Wills Office 
Dear Friends,
It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Candice Green Wilkinson in the upcoming Republican primary being held for the Sussex County Register of Wills office in September. Candice has been a lifelong Republican and has worked on many GOP campaigns. She is the daughter of the former Register of Wills Cindy Green and because of that is completely familiar with the operation. She is a computer specialist and understands the modern technology needed to maintain an effective operation for the benefit of all of Sussex County. It is my understanding that the actual physical office location has been closed, and she promises to get it open again.
Folks, that being said, this is a REPUBLICAN primary and therefore, a real Republican should be the actual candidate. I find it interesting that Greg Fuller, a former Democrat operative who was once appointed by the Democrat Delaware Governor to the Register of Wills office has now changed his party affiliation to Republican in order to fool the voters of Sussex County. Fuller supports Delaware’s abortion laws which include late-term abortion up until birth. Fuller supports mandatory union hiring practices in Delaware. WHEN DID Fuller experience his epiphany and give up his Democrat Party leadership to run as a Republican? Just a few months ago. We did this with Senator Margaret Rose Henry. Don’t be deceived again. Fuller is not just a Democrat he is a Delaware Democrat Party Elite Leader. 
Greg Fuller switched parties and came out early and some of the Sussex Republicans didn’t realize what a real liberal he is and a dedicated Democrat at heart. Folks, I urge you to elect a truly qualified, conservative Republican in Candice Green Wilkinson whose dedication to the Republican party is unprecedented.
I thank you for your consideration and I urge you all to evaluate the two candidates accordingly. You will see that Candice Green Wilkinson is without a doubt the best candidate for the job.
Respectfully Submitted,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network