Dear Friends,

There are so many problems in the United States all caused by the worst President in our history, Joe Biden. While Biden plans on kissing China’s nefarious leader’s ass, Xi Jinping, in San Francisco this week at the Apec event, our country is imploding. The stench of human excrement and tent cities have been hypocritically and temporarily cleaned up by California’s insipid Governor to impress the foreign participants. I am certain Biden, who seemingly is owned by China, as usual, will do nothing of significance!

In the meantime, the Southern Border is terribly compromised with thousands of illegals pouring daily into our country adding to the millions already here bleeding our taxpayers dry. It is so bad that our cities are being overwhelmed with people sleeping in the streets. The American Dream is not only gone for Americans, but there is nothing here for these people! The entire immigration system has been destroyed intentionally by Joe Biden.

The U.S. economy is out of control with spiraling inflation while the House of Representatives is on the verge of creating a government shutdown.

Israel is fighting for its existence against Hamas, while thousands of misguided Palestinians push for the extermination of all Jews with violent protests. Biden wants a ceasefire which will only help the terrorists. The weakness and disgusting connections Biden has created with Iran which is funding most of the terrorism is unprecedented ! Iran is making millions selling oil to China thanks to Biden’s policies.

The only hope is for Republicans to take over in 2024 . There is absolutely no certainty of that happening and if it doesn’t our country will be unrecognizable as prosperity will disappear into socialist quicksand.

I find it beyond frustrating and I am greatly concerned for our future as a nation. As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network