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This is the most insightful thing that I’ve read about what’s going on with Elon Musk and Chancery Court Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick. Phil Shawe, in his public analysis, has in my view, this call spot on. This is Delaware protecting its own. Kathaleen McCormick once again, circling the wagons, protecting her own people. Could it be Corruption and Cronyism with capital Cs, folks?!

McCormick is going after Elon Musk’s pay package of millions and voiding his contract, which is unprecedented, because Musk is going after the $90 million cash grab by McCormick’s Delaware court pal Leo Strine. When you look at her rulings through the lens of protecting Leo Strine, they sadly make sense. Her corrupt actions can only be explained, in my opinion, by viewing these two cases together. 

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From X.com (formerly Twitter)

Phil Shawe @PhilShawe

McCormick’s ruling on Musk’s comp is simple: payback.

Former Chief Justice and Chancellor Leo Strine represented old Twitter and did a $90 MILLION cash grab set up with Twitter’s outgoing management—for just a few week’s work on the sale.

Musk took over Twitter, saw the egregious payments, and appropriately sued Strine’s law firm in CA.

Judge McCormick’s ruling on Musk’s Tesla comp is blatant retaliation—for Musk going after Leo Strine’s $90 million cash grab.

It’s the Delaware legal community circling the wagons—to protect the antiquated Chancery system.