Feedback from Readers on TransPerfect Workers Being Railroaded for Another $5 MILLION Motion in McCormick’s Chancery Court

Dear Friends,

I struck a strong note with many of you in my piece on TransPerfect workers, sadly and unjustly, being railroaded for another $5 million by what I see as a fraudulent contempt motion in Chancery Court Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick’s corruption-filled Chancery Court.

“How can this court keep doing this to this company, Judson? I just don’t get it.”
– Bob R.

“So corrupt and yet no one’s doing anything to stop this. Depressing, Judson.”
-Chelsea D.

“You can write every day about this corrupt court, Jud. It’s not going to change a damn thing.”
– Dave M. 

“Let me know how this motion plays out. The Chancery Court gets in the way again.” 
-Susan P. 

“Corruption and contempt are too common in Delaware’s legal system. I’m retired from a Delaware government job and this has been true for many years.”
– Michael B.

Those are some of the feedback that has come in from you. I’ll let you know what happens next week on this. Keep the feedback coming, folks.  Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network

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