Dear Friends,

South Florida is now the epicenter for the China Virus. We did everything right for 3 months. I did everything right. I am diabetic and have to be extra careful. The state of Florida is now completely re-opened. There are requests for social distancing and some stores or locations require patrons to wear a mask.

The reason the re-opening has created the uptick in this deadly DISEASE is because of the absolute ignorance and selfishness of people under 40. They just don’t care if they kill someone like me. Frankly, it is not safe for me to be in close quarters with anyone.

There is a place in West Palm Beach called the Avocado Grill. On Sundays, they have a hot band. I drove by and witnessed over 150 people STANDING no more than a foot apart WITH NO MASKS. There is a gas station near me that sells cheap gas. There are always 20 or 30 pan-handlers hassling the customers. They don’t have masks and practice no social distancing whatsoever!

Protests and looting in Miami and Lauderdale have not helped. This deadly pandemic combined with the absolute ignorance of mob mentality is the way it is in many parts of Florida. Another day in Paradise is another day in hell right now! Don’t come here, it is not good.

That is the way I see it. I am very unhappy and extremely worried. So be it.

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network