Dear Friends,

It is my opinion that Delaware’s former Chancellor, Andre Bouchard, as its equity Court Judge did Delaware no good and clearly was biased and subjective in some of his cases, especially the TransPerfect case. I first noticed Bouchard, when he seemed to have great difficulty in appointing a viable and efficient Deputy Register of Wills person for the Sussex County Register of Wills office and ignored the elected Registrar, Cindy Green’s recommendations which to me seemed political and unprofessional. After 4 appointments with incompetence happening on every level from Bouchard’s placements, I criticized him fervently.

Instead of giving me a reasonable explanation, He actually wrote me a letter (unheard of in the Legal/Judge world) telling me about his power involving the Register of Wills office. Frankly, he got my undivided attention immediately, and I began researching him and his cases. He probably regrets that arrogant communication to me—LOL. I happened upon the TransPerfect case, and observed the most biased and subjective jurist, I had ever seen in my entire life in Andre Bouchard. The rest is history.

I have received hundreds of emails from the many folks who are members of the Coastal Network. I have pulled a lucky seven sample for you to read. They are indeed flattering. I appreciate your continuous feedback. Please scroll down to read the nice compliments. I took off your names to protect your identity. Thank you. I’ll share more in my next column.

Respectfully Yours,
Judson Bennett-Coastal Network

Feedback on my Recent Column:
In Honor of Andre Bouchard’s Delaware Ouster,
TransPerfect Gives $3 Million in Bonuses to Its Employees

We know we can trust you, Judson.
You had such impact with this crooked guy getting pushed out at the top.
Thank you for all you do.

You knew this guy was no good from day one!
I don’t know how you knew, but you knew.
Keep up the keen insights. I’ll keep reading.

Seems like Chancellor Bouchard has been sent to pasture.
I wonder if he’s going to come after you?
All around good job, Judson. You should be proud.
We love your emails. Stay safe.

He was always suspect with the way he operated and you didn’t relent.
We so appreciate your good work. Please keep us informed.
All the best,

Thanks for all your magnificent research and expose’ of Bouchard!

Heard some of it–Great Job Judson in helping to rid Delaware of Bouchard.
He is truly unethical.

Outstanding commentary.
You certainly were right on in your opinion
Congratulations, Delaware is really corrupt!

Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful feedback! I’ll share more in my next column!