Dear Friends,

Politics is a very rough game.  There is no doubt, that anybody who runs for public office must be prepared to have their entire life exposed for all the world to see. Frankly folks ,I have been involved in every aspect of this nasty business as a member of Delaware’s Republican Party. I have done everything from licking stamps, stuffing envelopes, being a large political contributor, being an elected official, a district chairman, a delegate to the convention, a political consultant, a two time campaign manager-once for Governor and once for US Senate, TWICE a candidate for County Council, and to being a lobbyist in the General Assembly. I did this stuff for over 20 years. I am now a political pundit who is educated, audacious, wise, and unafraid to say exactly what I think. If you don’t like it too bad.  I always get some people who say “Take me off your list. Then six more people ask to sign up. At this point I would categorize myself as a conservative with a few social exceptions. I have an e-mail network that I have accumulated over the years that reaches over 6000 people in the state of Delaware.   I support Donald Trump’s platform 100% and I truly believe that Senator Tom Carper is no longer qualified to represent Delaware. He is so jaded that it is a frightening scenario to think that he might continue as a US Senator. It seems as if the Democrats are continuously moving toward more and more socialism every day.

There are two people running in the Delaware Republican Party to be the Republican candidate for the United States Senate from Delaware against incumbent Senator Tom Carper. The two candidates are Gene Truono who is a solid conservative, a devout Christian, an attorney, and someone who is knowlegble about economics and the recovery agenda that Trump is bringing to America. The other candidate is Sussex County Councilman Rob Arlett.  I have heard some disconcerting comments from the Arlett camp about Gene Truono for reasons that are in today’s modern climate, not even worth considering. This attitude, in my opinion, is  just plain ignorant and stupid.  One thing for sure, “people in glass houses should never throw stones.”

I appreciate any candidate who runs for public office, because I know how hard it is.Although a decent man, Rob Arlett, in my opinion, cannot defeat Tom Carper (even though the Senator is vulnerable and is moving further to the left). On 9/5/09 Arlett had a foreclosure with LM Mortgage –case # SO9L-09-37, Arlett filed personal Bankruptcy –case # 101335, On 6/ 21/2011, he filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for $356,330 dollars-case # 111189, and on 11/12/2016 he had a sheriff’s sale to satisfy the foreclosure for $551, 852.57. Arlett had two State of Delaware Tax Liens, one in the amount of $9,097 and another in the amount of $4,172. Finally he had a Federal Tax Lien in the amount of $68,000. Folks, it is unlikely this man can be elected over Tom Carper,  because bankruptcies and tax liens are usually detrimental for achieving victory in any election, regardless of the personal circumstances or time it occurred . It is a true uphill battle. The voters don’t want to hear about financial problems past or present from any candidate. It is unfortunate, however that is the way it is in this savage and difficult arena. 

Gene Truono , on the other hand has enjoyed an impeccable financial record, he is an expert on economics and the constitution, and supports President Donald Trump’s agenda completely. I have to go with Gene Truono in this battle folks. He is the better candidate and has the better chance of winning against Tom Carper.

Please vote for Gene Truono for the United States Senate on September 6th in the Delaware Republican primary. I want a Republican candidate who has an excellent chance of defeating Carper and by doing so, will go to Washington to  help Donald Trump complete his agenda. Gene Truono can actually win, while Arlett has no shot in my educated opinion. Some of you who are blinded by your personal prejudices and short sighted considerations, I am asking you to think logically about this primary election. If you choose Gene Truono in this primary, you will have an excellent opportunity to elect a new Senator from the State of Delaware who is a  Republican. I urge you to  give Gene Truono your vote and let us  help the US Senate by adding another Republican to our government.