Dear Friends,

The November Midterm elections are less than a month away. This election is the most important Democratic process in the history of our Republic. All the polls indicate that the Republicans should win the House by 14 to 20 votes. Control of the Senate will be determined by 1 or 2 elections in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

President Biden and the Democrat Party have done their best to destroy this nation. The lies and corruption of this administration are terrible and intrinsically evil. The absolute absurdity, among innumerable other things, of destroying our oil industry (taking us from energy independence to begging totalitarian dictatorships for oil) and intentionally opening our Southern Border to millions of illegal aliens, has created devastating inflation that will put us in huge economic distress. The possibility of food shortages, gasoline prices off the charts, brainwashing our children in schools, loss of freedom of speech, and a true totalitarian government with a weaponized DOJ, FBI, and IRS, is indeed a reality. Even the progressive, left-wing liberals won’t like what could develop. Unprecedented crime to the point of anarchy is happening now in every major American city and is getting worse every day.

Folks, if we don’t get out and vote on November 8th, and vote Republican to change this potential nightmare, and stop the grotesque bleeding, we could lose the House and the Senate with devastating consequences. This is what will surely happen if that is the case: The Democrats in the Senate will do away with the Filibuster, the Supreme Court will be stacked with Liberals, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. will become States, (creating a guaranteed Democrat majority in the Senate), the Electoral College will be eliminated, and everything you do will be monitored by an authoritarian government. The true greatness of America and the opportunity for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness will be eliminated. God help us if that happens.

Folks, do you want to live in poverty and lose your freedoms? Do you want to live in a true Socialist/Communist society? Your actions in this Midterm election will determine our fate!

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. God bless America!

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network