Mother of TransPerfect Owner Offers King Solomon’s Solution

Folks, take a look at the story below and tell me that the TransPefect workers’ prayers have not been answered?!

Now there is only one question to be answered, in my humble opinion. Will Chancellor Bouchard keep his hand in TransPerfect’s cookie jar? Will he continue to try to enrich his friends? Could there be a more apt platform to expose corruption?

I have been telling you now for almost two years, I think Chancellor Bouchard is crooked as a $3 dollar bill, well now the true and ultimate test as to whether my controversial allegations are correct or not will be tested.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: Rather than ending the case, I predict Bouchard will not allow Shirley Shawe to vote with Elting if indeed the Co-CEO agrees. I hope I’m wrong and Bouchard does the right thing and ends the litigation and removes the court from the affairs of a private company, but from what I’ve seen from this case so far, I just don’t see it happening. I truly hope I’m wrong here.


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If he does let justice prevail, that would cut off the gravy train of money flowing to his Delaware cronies. My prediction, and again, I hope I’m wrong, is that Delaware’s Chancellor Bouchard will not allow an easy solution to a problem he can continue to make complex, obscure $15 million in crony bills from the public, and milk this successful company for every last dime. In my opinion, I bet dollars to donuts that Bouchard and his court-appointed, apparent henchman – Bob Pincus, who is serving as the tie-breaker at TransPerfect between the CEOs for when they disagree, will find some twisted rationale for continuing to force the sale of TransPerfect. It would be a shame when there is an easy solution now.

I observe, what I believe is the unethical fiber that drives Bouchard and I don’t see him allowing the case to settle. But when you think about it folks, now there is absolutely no reason to have a sale or more litigation. There is no longer a reason to force a sale of the thriving business that is TransPerfect, which brought in more than $500 million in revenue last year, even as this court case dragged on.


I see this dreaded and crony-money-making gravy train continuing. And if indeed it does, if this isn’t a sign of corruption, what is??!! The legislature and people of Delaware must stand up to Bouchard, and allow this peaceful and amicable solution offered by Shirley Shawe to go through. In my opinion, we cannot stand idly by and let our beloved state of Delaware appear any more corrupt — especially after the “The Center for Pubic Integrity”, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2014, graded our state’s Judicial Integrity an “F” — we must take a very hard look at this “leader” of our court of “equity”.

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This will prove it folks-one way or the other. Again, I hope I’m wrong and Chancellor Bouchard, does what is right here to save this company! Who knew it would not be the judge to invoke the wisdom of King Solomon to save the company, but it would come from the most unlikely source, a 1% shareholder. Shirley Shawe, a mother who is trying to fix what is broken here, will put the baby with the wrong parent — in order to see the Delaware Chancery saw it in half, and continually pillage it for millions each month. Kudos to Shirley Shawe for offering to put the company and it’s 4,000 workers first — even ahead of her son.


Deadlock broken Court not needed


Shirley Shawe made it clear she’s had enough of this bizarre fight. “This has gone on for too long,” she said.

Folks, it will be interesting to see if 1) Elizabeth Elting accepts this amazing resolution offer by Shirley Shawe or will her apparent greed surpass the genuine and moral righteousness of the offer to keep this company from being sold to the detriment of 4000 employees? and 2) will Chancellor Bouchard deny it and allow the fleecing of TransPerfect to continue until the company is sold at auction?

As always, your comments are welcome.

Yours truly,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network


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