Dear friends,

In my educated view, the midterm elections coming in November are extremely important. If the Republicans do not take back the House and the Senate, I believe we as Americans are going to lose any chance of economic prosperity, lose our freedom of speech, lose our right to bear arms, lose our domestic safety (crime is out of control), and our national security.

Folks, the situation is in “extremis”, and President Joe Biden has screwed up everything. Biden’s seemingly, intentional destruction of the American oil industry by initially closing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline (killing thousands of good paying jobs), driving the cost of gasoline, natural gas, and heating oil to unprecedented extremes and creating a domino effect of outrageous inflation on the cost of basic living, has put the middle class in a frightening situation.

People are now actually choosing whether to buy gasoline or food. Inflation is up to 8.6%, the highest it has been in 40 years. People are hurting and suffering! Folks, if we don’t take back our country from these incompetent politicians in the Democrat party, we are not just going to have a recession, we are going to have a depression with bread lines and gasoline rationing. Furthermore, a war with China could also occur.

When you consider, Biden’s destruction of our oil industry, taking us from being the number one exporter of oil and natural gas, totally energy independent, now having to depend on foreign oil, and driving up the cost to unaffordable levels to the point that the average citizen can’t operate, the situation is absurd and outrageous. Folks, Biden is a monster who has sold out to the Progressive, Socialist, Communist agenda which will and is destroying America. When you consider Afghanistan and Biden’s incompetent withdrawal leaving billions of dollars in military equipment for the Taliban making them the best equipped terrorist organization in the world, any reasonably intelligent person has to wonder?

Folks, Putin recognized from that fiasco that Biden was weak and totally incompetent which gave Putin the confidence and the green light to invade the Ukraine. Biden through his son Hunter sold his influence to Russia, China and others. The man has been running a crime syndicate and he should be in jail. No doubt he is the worst President in United States history. The border situation where over 2 million illegals are being allowed to enter our country un-vetted—bringing in dangerous gangs involved in terrible crime, diseases, human sex trafficking, drugs, and death are all an intentional situation created by Joe Biden and is his sole responsibility.

That all being said, former President Donald Trump gave us great prosperity, a secure border, energy independence, and a real chance at achieving the American dream of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. Trump, in my opinion, had a spectacular platform and the ability to implement it. Unfortunately, as much as I like the guy and believe in his abilities to govern, he was way off base in his misguided idea that VP Mike Pence could change the course of the election.

January 6th was a disaster, it never should have happened, and Trump’s unmitigated attack on Mike Pence was terribly wrong. Frankly, Trump should not run for President in 2024 as a result. The Hearings that are going on now are designed to make Trump look guilty and take away the attention on Biden’s absolutely horrible and malicious agenda which is intentionally driving us into financial destitution.

I hope Trump chooses not to run, however his ego is so huge he probably will. My concern is can he win with the label the Democrats are attempting to put on him? If he does run and gets the nomination, I will fervently support him, however I have some serious concerns. I am hoping he does not run, and Florida’s DeSantis takes on the challenge. He has Trump’s ideas and platform without the baggage.

That’s the way I see it. What do you think? As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Best regards,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network