Dear Friends,

The unprecedented criminal charges against former President Donald Trump orchestrated by a corrupt DOJ, FBI, and vicious Democrat Prosecutors, all controlled by President Joe Biden is beyond shocking for this patriot.

What is interesting, however, Trump’s approval rating seems to go up, after each of his 4 indictments? He leads the field of Republican Presidential contenders by 40 points. The big question is with all the outrageous, political crap being thrown at him, will Trump be able to maintain his lead? There is no doubt that Trump has unmovable support from about 40% of the Republican party.

Frankly, I do feel that Trump made a huge mistake in attacking Mike Pence during the January 6th fiasco, and trying to get his loyal VP to change the electors! From my research, that error, although not criminal, was a factor that ultimately could cost Trump in the general election.

Without a doubt in my view, Trump is a fabulous promoter and debater and his decision not to participate in the upcoming Republican debate in Wisconsin is another huge mistake. To miss the free press, the additional, national exposure is not a good idea, regardless of his substantial lead in the polls. Why gave DeSantis, or any of the others the opportunity to shine, while Trump is not seen?

The world has gone crazy, the rule of law and the entire U.S. Justice system has been compromised by a corrupt administration! Regardless, we must elect a Republican as President in the 2024 election, whether it be Trump or someone else is important or we as a viable nation will be lost.

How do you see it? As always, your comments are appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network

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