Dear Friends,

Every time I turn on the TV and learn more about President Biden’s outrageous, totalitarian, Orwellian, policies and his total dishonesty that becomes more and more apparent each day, I literally grind my teeth.

Who in the hell is Biden to tell one of our best allies in the world, the State of Israel, how to conduct its necessary operation to destroy “Hamas”, which is the most evil group in the world. This is the terrorist group the Palestinians elected in Gaza. If Hamas is not destroyed completely, Israel will never be safe. Is Biden a military expert ? NO!!! Is he sucking up to the antisemites that are part of the Democrat party? YES!!

Biden is trying to kill the American Dream by allowing drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and terrorists to come across our border unvetted and uninhibited. His absurd bill in Congress will only support and facilitate these nefarious invaders!!! Biden, in my opinion, is guilty of not only influence peddling, but being irresponsible for lives lost, because of the despicable crimes that are being committed by these illegals that Biden supports over our citizens.

Remember the Afghanistan withdrawal where 13 service people were killed and a situation which left the Taliban with billions of dollars of American hardware, making them the best equipped terrorist group in the world? Biden’s generals testified before Congress that it was all on Biden’s orders!!!! Biden is fully responsible for those lives lost! 

How dare Biden forgive millions of dollars of student loans at the taxpayer’s expense, contrary to the Supreme Court’s decision? I paid my kids’ student loans. Many of us either paid for our children or actually paid off our own student loans!! What about those who did not go to college and work in the various trade industries? Should these folks have to pay for student loans that Biden intends to forgive. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

Biden intends to destroy the oil industry, force us to buy electric cars that don’t work in cold weather and have limited charging stations across the country. The rub is China controls the minerals that MAKE THE BATTERIES! They make the batteries that go in the Electric Vehicles. Could this be part of Biden’s sell out to China through son Hunter’s deals? The ridiculous “Green New Deal” is designed to control your lives folks! By the way, a new battery in your electric vehicle could cost you $15,000.  

For those of you who are educated, perhaps you have read “Brave New World” by Audious Huxley or “1984” by George Orwell? Both novels present a Communist-type of government where every aspect of people’s lives are controlled by the government!! If Biden gets reelected and the Democrats have their way, this could well be your future. An ordinary life, no hope, no American dream, limited prosperity—everybody forced to be the same! Pigs in a pen, fed corn to keep us locked up. Indeed, it is a despicable situation where a President actually is doing his best to destroy the American Dream.

If you support this heinous crap that Biden purports and is implementing, plus every inflationary policy he has created, regardless of party, you are either ignorant, stupid, dishonest, or intrinsically evil. I consider you an enemy of the state!!!

Folks, regardless of Trump’s faults and his fallacious indictments in NY and Georgia, we must elect him President and remove the worst President in US history, Joe Biden, from the White House!

Biden is a dangerous and incompetent monster who is doing his best to ruin our country!

That is the way I see it. As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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