Dear Friends,

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is the best Governor in the United States in my view. During Covid-19, DeSantis kept Florida open and free, while many states, especially California and New York suffered totalitarian shut downs, making absolutely no difference in the loss of life and causing financial disaster to many businesses. Florida has prospered and is healthy because of Ron DeSantis. Our businesses are flourishing, opportunity is everywhere, and thousands of jobs are available.

Unlike so many other states and most Democrat controlled cities, DeSantis does not tolerate crime. There is cash bail, crimes are prosecuted, and criminals go to jail. Furthermore, DeSantis is a proponent of the 2nd Amendment, and Floridians are able to be armed. Concealed carry licenses are easy to get for honest citizens.

Because of Ron DeSantis, Florida’s children stayed in school, don’t have to wear masks, and outrageous teachings like Critical Race Theory and Woke culture are forbidden.

The Disney controversy is interesting where this company through its entertainment Park in Orlando was able to have its own operation independent of the State of Florida. However, when it interfered with anti-woke legislation in Florida and began pushing a woke agenda, DeSantis ended their autonomy, and now Disney is no longer going to be able to make “Mickey Mouse” control of anything. It will have to pay taxes like everyone else. I agree with DeSantis’ position.

Folks, Ron DeSantis embraces Former President Donald Trump’s platform, but does not have the baggage that Trump has. Will DeSantis be able to defeat Trump in the Republican primary if he runs for President? Trump has a tremendous lead according to the polls, however the final outcome remains to be seen.

Florida is truly a free state because of Ron DeSantis and as he once said, “Florida is where woke comes to die!” Indeed, thousands of people are flocking to Florida to escape the despotism of New York, California, and many of the criminally controlled Democrat cities that are on the verge of anarchy.

What do you think about Ron DeSantis? Could he be our next President? As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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