Dear Friends,

I shared the video and post as TransPerfect India, thankfully was not bought out by a private equity company, whcih would have laid off employees. Instead, thousands of jobs were saved.

It was facing almost certain destruction at the hands of Andre Bouchard, Kevin Shannon, Leo Strine, Stephen Lamb, Jennifer Voss, and Robert Pincus, as were other parts of the company.

The Chancery Court Corruption was out for destruction, as I see it, folks.

Chancery’s evil plan didn’t work–and the corporation is thriving!

Here are some of your comments, which are always appreciated:
“Dysfunctional my ass. It wasn’t at all. I’m glad to see it worked out for this company.”

“Thanks for sharing this video, Judson. The culture is so festive there.
I would never have seen anything like this.”

“Apologies for my repeatedly mundane reply, but I always learn a LOT from you.
Stay well. Thanks.”

“I do agree the company would have been broken up. But what else was in it for the Chancery and Bouchard? Simply money?”

“The video is inspirational. I’ve watched it a few times.”

”Jobs were saved. That’s what matters most. Such a perplexing case.”

”I love the greeting and the music.”

”Bouchard was out for his own interests and anyone watching can see that.
Glad he wasn’t able to take this company down.”

“I enjoyed watching this, thank you for sharing, Judson.”

Thank you for your welcome feedback, folks. Keep them coming!

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network