Dear Friends,


Former Soviet Union leader Nikita Kruschev once said that the United States would change and succumb to Socialism/Communism from within. There is no doubt that there is a definite movement by elected officials through authoritarian polices to subjugate the American people. We have seen it many states already, like New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Michigan, Washington, and California just to name a few. The Democrat Governors of these states are veritable despots who have used the Covid-19 pandemic to destroy small businesses, curtail freedom of speech and movement, and prevent lawful assembly. The Federal government under the plan of President Joe Biden intends to raise your taxes so high that we the people can never achieve prosperity. The entire system is broken and folks your freedoms are soon going to be completely gone! The Constitution of the United States, that beautiful brilliant document that has given us this beautiful country that we cherish, is slowly being eroded by the Democrats.


Political monsters like Governors Carney from Delaware, Wolf from Pennsylvania, Cuomo from New York, and Newsom from California have shown their true colors and folks, I call them BEYOND EVIL — odious, malevolent dictators who have abused their powers! Their agenda is to institute complete control over your lives. They are true socialists who in other countries would possibly end up with their heads on wooden stakes.


Right now we have 2 GREAT STATES in Florida and Texas which are truly free states and literally wide open. We are free and we are prospering. Florida, especially under Governor DeSantis is thriving. Over 80,000 people have fled California for the delight of Texas, and 40,000 have come to Florida where lockdowns have been proven to be ineffective and the deaths and hospitalizations are practically non-existent from the dreaded Covid.


The Democrats and their elected leaders are dedicated to the destruction of the USA as we know it. Absolutely make no mistake about it! Just a matter of time and your FREEDOMS will be gone! DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN. That is the way I see it. The evidence is clear. Folks, we must vote these crooks out of office and reclaim our rights in all regards.


As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated. God bless America.


Respectfully yours,


JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network