Well, well, if it isn’t Delaware’s own Leo Strine, former Delaware Supreme Court Justice, writing about racial equality for Columbia Law? I have been reviewing the inequities I have learned about Delaware’s justice system.  Seems Strine is becoming an expert on so many things since leaving his perch on the Delaware Supreme Court with half of his term still left to be served. I can see that he might be an expert in some things in this life, but racism isn’t one of them considering he was rebuked by the Delaware Supreme Court for making racist comments?! Why would anyone listen to Strine on racial equality?

Leo Strine as Delaware’s Chief Supreme Court Justice oversaw the incarceration of FIVE TIMES as many Blacks as all other races combined, according to my sources. See the New York Times story below from 2012, folks, for the dirt on Strine. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!

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In Unusual Move, Delaware Supreme Court Rebukes a Judge


NOVEMBER 9, 2012 8:29 PM

As the chief judge of the Delaware Court of Chancery — the country’s most influential court overseeing business cases — Leo E. Strine Jr. has been called an activist. He has also been called an iconoclast, a genius and a humorist.

But this week, Delaware’s highest court called him out of bounds.

The Delaware Supreme Court issued a stinging rebuke of Judge Strine on Wednesday, criticizing him for what it said was an improper digression in an opinion. Judge Strine’s decision related to a contractual dispute but went off on an 11-page tangent about an obscure issue related to limited liability companies.

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