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Prior to his career as Chancellor of Delaware’s once esteemed Court of Chancery, Andre Bouchard worked as an attorney for Skadden Arps for a decade. The firm has, in my view, a notorious national reputation and has been involved in some unsavory situations according to the US government.

They have infiltrated the system with former members on two Delaware courts. Bouchard’s close relationship with the firm has seemingly monopolized businesses in Delaware for decades. Bouchard not only worked as an attorney there but also kept in close contact with many of his previous coworkers and employers, including Robert Pincus — who he brought on as the custodian in the TransPerfect case. We all know how I see that guy after following his involvement with TransPerfect.

This all being said, please click on the link below which will take you to my website, which has many of my articles and posts from staff and guests. Listed there, you will find, from the considerable research of my staff, 10 very interesting things to know about Chancellor Andre Bouchard.

He holds one of the most powerful positions in the legal and equity business in Delaware and holds the legal power over any worldwide corporation that is incorporated in Delaware. I think he should no longer hold that position, based on past actions in cases such as the TransPerfect case.

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10 Things To Know About Andre Bouchard