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Here are some predictions from Citizens for Pro-Business Delaware “OVER THREE YEARS AGO” in Reuters. This was back when Delaware’s business rating was still number #1. We are now not even in the Top 10 any more?!?
If legislators had stepped in to limit the Chancellor’s power and addressed what I, and thousands of others, view as corruption in the Chancery Court, perhaps Delaware wouldn’t be #11. We can’t change the past, but we can sure as hell change the future.
Former Delaware, Chief Supreme Court Justice, Leo Strine has stepped down. The Puerto Rican Governor is stepping down. Perhaps it’s time for Andre Bouchard to step down and let the Chancery Court modernize, move forward, and return to its former glory?!
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JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network
JUNE 6, 2016 / 6:51 PM / 3 YEARS AGO (Reuters)

Unusual Media Blitz Rips Top Judge of Delaware’s Corporate Court

Tom Hals
(Reuters) – A bitter boardroom battle has prompted an unusual media blitz in Delaware that warns residents that the state’s nationally renowned corporate court is on the cusp of destroying Delaware’s pro-business reputation.
The ads by employees of TransPerfect Global Inc stem from a ruling in August that was aimed at breaking years of deadlock between the translation services company’s co-owners, Elizabeth Elting and Philip Shawe.
Elting convinced the Court of Chancery to order the company sold, a move opposed by Shawe. Last month, employees of New York-based TransPerfect wrote to the judge, Chancellor Andre Bouchard, saying they feared for the survival of TransPerfect, which despite years of dysfunction, had grown to have $500 million in annual sales and 4,000 staff.
As Bouchard prepares to issue a final order any day detailing the sale process, radio and print ads, a website and 20,000 flyers have been sent to Delaware residents blasting the judge for his “stunning act of governmental overreach.”
“Tell Chancellor Bouchard to leave our company alone and our business is our business,” said the flyers, which included the direct phone number for Bouchard’s chambers. “Chancellor Bouchard is turning Delaware into a bad place for business.”
The state prides itself for being friendly for business, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has named the Court of Chancery as the nation’s best for more than a dozen years.