Did Delaware U.S. Attorney, David Weiss Cover for the Bidens?

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Being from Delaware, being a former Republican leader, and now a political pundit, I have been watching carefully the entire Biden operation including the local politics as well. There is a system, a method of operation, a subtle reality that some call the “Delaware Way”, which basically equates to a form of corruption. It has been going on for years. Even Miranda Divine, the top reporter from the NY Post, has written about it. I believe this has been happening, ever since Joe Biden was elected a US Senator from Delaware. Indeed, there have been many “winks and nods” between political leaders and legal position holders, regardless of party.

All that being said, when as VP, Joe Biden went to the Ukraine where his son Hunter was on the board of an energy company, Biden demanded that the Attorney General there be fired. Remember when Joe Biden went on national television, and said something to the effect that he told the government either fire the AG or you won’t get the billion dollars, well son-of-bitch they fired him? When I heard that, my attention became extremely focused. Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from the Ukraine? China? Russia? AND Romania? Innumerable bank accounts have been discovered with payments going to many members of the Biden family.

This brings to mind the following questions: 1) David Weiss (a Republican) was appointed by Trump as Delaware US Attorney. It is normal that when the presidential party changes, the former US attorneys resign or are replaced. Why did Biden reappoint David Weiss as US Attorney from Delaware? Could it be the “Delaware Way”? Where Weiss was installed to cover and delay the entire Hunter Biden investigation? 2) For the record, for over 5 years Weiss knew all the details of Hunter’s problems, yet he never prosecuted. Once the details became public, Weiss offered Hunter a sweetheart plea bargain which was deterred by a Delaware Federal Judge. Seems very suspicious doesn’t it? 3) Two IRS WhistleBlowers stated under oath that David Weiss said the decision to prosecute Hunter was over his head. Yet the Attorney General Garland said Weiss had full authority?? Which was it?

Folks, finally after acute embarrassment, with the nation watching, after offering the son of the President of the United States, an unprecedented plea bargain (ultimately debunked), after allowing the “Statue of Limitations” on several tax crimes to expire, Weiss, under pressure, has finally indicted Hunter on 3 gun charges. What about the other potential crimes? Money laundering, bribery, etc. that are somehow connected to President Joe Biden?

Folks, from my experienced perspective, US Attorney David Weiss looks very suspicious. It appears he has been and is still covering for President Joe Biden? The “Delaware Way”? The situation is fluid, but I believe Hunter is being only prosecuted for crimes that are not connected to his father, Joe Biden, the President of the United States? Is David Weiss protecting and covering for the Bidens? Is this, once again, the “Delaware Way”???????

These are my opinions. What do you think?

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