Trump Does His Thing at CNN Town Hall In New Hampshire

Dear Friends,

I watched with great interest the Town Hall meeting held by CNN. Former President Trump expounded on his achievements and his future platform, while answering questions from the audience. Considering how the CNN Network despises Trump, indeed it was a brave move on his part which, in my view, he handled extremely well, while truly thrust into an adversarial situation with an antagonistic moderator named Kaitlan Collins.

Without a doubt, Collins was rude, caustic, uninformed, and obviously biased. She did everything she could to interrupt Trump, contradict his statements, and do everything possible to make him look bad. If anything she came off as clearly biased and unprofessional. Trump actually made her look incompetent. I laughed when Trump called her a “nasty woman”.

The only issue I had with Trump’s performance was his reference to “the rigged election”. Whether it was rigged or not, it was never proven and that argument does him no good.

Beyond the attacks by Collins, Trump in my view, clearly won the day in an extremely hostile environment. He nailed Biden on his grotesque and failed border situation, his outrageous inflation, and his horrible withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Trump defended himself very well about the January 6th riots, and clarified the truth as to exactly what he said. Collins attacked Trump over and over again about his rape lawsuit and his previous risqué statements. Over and over again, Collins showed her bias and over and over again Trump held his own, making her look like a malicious shrew!  

Folks, the bottom line in my opinion, is that Trump advanced his agenda successfully and was able to achieve the publicity he is so good at turning into his political advantage.

I truly believe Donald Trump, through this bold move in going forth with a CNN event (truly enemy territory), has begun a viable campaign in pure Trump style which will put him in a position to win the Presidency. For sure, in this CNN deal, despite the designed controversy by Kaitlin Collins, Trump won the day.

That is how I see it. What do you think ? As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network   

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