Dear friends,

It is anger, disgust, and concern that I feel at the despicable operations of many of our country’s universities, including some of their students, and especially the Ivy League Schools led by the hypocritical operations of Columbia University! Indeed, in the wake of testimony by Columbia University’s President before Congress, Columbia has shown a despicable and incompetent operation, created by the fallacious teachings of liberal professors, linked to Socialist/Communist philosophies. These insidious individuals teach students to hate America.

The Palestinian protesters, many who are foreign students here as our guests, combined with the ignorant students who have been brain-washed by insidious professors, hate Israel, support the terrorist group Hamas, hate America, and are disrupting public safety. They are even supported by Hollywood, including Susan Sarandon. Folks, this disruption is disgraceful. Jewish students at Columbia and other Ivy League schools are terrified to go to class and fear for their total safety which is clearly compromised. Foreign demonstrators should be deported and protesting students spewing their antisemitic hatred should be expelled. But will it happen–I think not?

Make no mistake folks, Palestine and its people have harassed, tortured, and killed Jews, ever since Israel was formed. Millions of dollars were given to Gaza to help them. Instead, they overwhelmingly elected Hamas, which used the money to build tunnels to easily invade Israel and hurt the Jewish people. Many Palestinians hate America and Israel and they have been and are now supported by hypocritical universities. My God, this is where the future leaders of our country have been educated??? 

Folks, our country is in chaos, although still to most likely to be funded by Congress, Israel’s military operation appears to be compromised by Biden’s rhetoric, which helps Hamas! The liberal establishment is intentionally disrupting the ethical, legal, and moral distinction that has made America great. Our best ally, the State of Israel and the security of our country is at stake. Hatred of Jews is despicable and wrong as is any kind of racial or religious discrimination. I was beginning to believe that equality with African Americans was happening, and systemic racism was dissolving. This situation with the Palestinian protests has indicated a reality of the hatred of Jews in this country that is disturbing. It is beyond the positive civil rights movement which was led by Martin Luther King now evolving in a disturbing and negative way?

We must change things or we as a nation are truly lost! That is the way I see it. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted,

Judson Bennett–Coastal Network

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