Dear Friends,

Hunter Biden and Andre Bouchard make for odd bedfellows and it has sparked quite the feedback frenzy from you, my readers. Here’s the top dozen feedbacks – from both sides of the political aisle – from the past couple of columns on our dethroned Chancellor and the man who is about to help his father get dethroned.

Read on and keep ’em coming, folks!

“What kind of judge, past or present, uses a secret email account?
What the hell is he up to? This can’t be investigated?”

“I don’t think the attorney general is going to do anything.”

“Bouchard is shady, as you’ve said. Thank God he’s out of office!”

“That you were able to find this out is impressive, Judson.
Keep up the good reporting.”

“Terrorists, drug dealers and Delaware judges?
How is this allowed to happen?”

“I hope he gets arrested someday.
No one will be surprised.”

“I’m sure you’d feel differently if Biden were a Republican.”

“With friends like these, who needs enemies? You know the drill.
Delaware has many issues. These two are case one and case two.”

“The timing of Hunter’s emails and Bouchard’s time in court…
Let’s hear more on that, Judson.”

“Biden and Bouchard deserve each other.
They are two crooks.”

“I think this is a whole lot of nothing here. Your politics is clouding your vision.”

“Delaware is much better off without Bouchard. Period.”

Thanks again, folks. Your thoughts are always appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett, Coastal Network