Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox & Don Lemon Fired by CNN in Prime Time Media Shake-Up

Dear Friends,

I was frankly shocked to hear that famous Fox talk-show host Tucker Carlson was actually canned by Fox News for apparently lying about the notorious Dominion Voting machines. All I can say is “Wow”. Here today and gone tomorrow.

I liked the guy and his many interviews. His interesting conservative opinions were always enjoyed by thousands thrusting him into the big time. Now he is done, done, done. I will kind of miss him and his glib personality.

On the other hand, raciest, left-wing, self-absorbed Don Lemon was also canned for many of his misrepresentations, as I see it, folks. In my view, this sycophant deserved to be fired. Good riddance!

It seems that both networks, Fox being superior in all ways in my view, have had a stroke of conscience—deciding to implant ultra-integrity into their broadcasts. Of course Fox’s $1 billion dollar settlement might have had something to do with Carlson’s demise.

Nothing is certain and everybody is potentially vulnerable if they cross the line. So be it.

Check out the Fox News and Politico stories below and send me your opinions.

Yours truly,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network