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In case you missed it, I want to call your attention to a Labor Day Labor Day newspaper ad showing Delaware Chancery Court Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick and former Chancellor and Supreme Court Justice Leo Strine and and “longtime Chancery Court insider” Kevin Shannon. The ad calls these 3 out for enriching themselves while leaving Delaware’s working-class behind.

This “Jabba the Hutt-like” ad, emulating the disgusting character from Star Wars, ran in the Delaware News Journal over Labor Day weekend and calls attention to the conflicts of interest, cronyism and Good Old Boy elite favoritism that infects the Chancery Court and truly leaves regular folks in Delaware behind.

Please see the Citizens story on the ad below and send your feedback. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated whether you agree or disagree.

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JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network


Citizens for Judicial Fairness Places Labor Day Print Advertisement: “Don’t Let the Chancery Court Steal From Workers This Labor Day”

The advertisement ran in Sunday’s Delaware News Journal and urged accountability for unelected Chancery Elite who trade off relationships and refuse to disclose conflicts of interest, such as Chancellor McCormick’s former representation of HIG, and cash in while working Delawareans are left behind

September 05, 2023 12:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Citizens for Judicial Fairness announced the launch of a Labor Day print advertisement exposing Delaware’s “Jabba the Hutt-like” elites including Chancery Court Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick, former Chancellor and Supreme Court Justice Leo Strine, and longtime Chancery Court insider Kevin Shannon for enriching themselves while leaving working Delawareans behind. The advertisement calls out cushy conflicts of interest such as McCormick’s former representation of HIG before taking the bench and doling out judgements in the unsavory company’s favor.

Citizens for Judicial Fairness released the following statement about the campaign: “Our campaign to expose Chancery insiders is just beginning. We can’t continue to allow insiders to control the system solely for their own benefit and enrichment. When powerful judges like Chancellor McCormick can ignore conflicts of interest and rule in favor of their former clients, like McCormick has done with HIG, then we know the system is rigged, just like Jabba the Hutt’s infamous court in Star Wars. We will continue to call out this unconscionable self-dealing and enrichment whenever and wherever we can so that the people of Delaware know what their so-called leaders are doing.”