Recently, a concerning incident unfolded as detainees were unexpectedly released from the intelligence detention center at the Shendi General Intelligence Services station by the Rapid Support Forces. This move, deemed highly dangerous, involved an attack on a heavily fortified detention center, resulting in the release of wanted terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The individuals released were reportedly involved in various nefarious activities, including attempted attacks on the United States Embassy in Khartoum, as well as the facilitation of human trafficking and weapons smuggling operations, with weapons intended for use against the stability and security of Israel. These actions have raised alarm bells, posing a significant threat to regional stability and potentially straining Sudan’s relations within the international community.

Lieutenant General Mufaddal, the General Manager of the GIS, has issued a stark warning about the repercussions of releasing these 17 terrorists. He emphasized the grave threat they pose to national security, highlighting the potential for attacks within the country and the broader region. Immediate measures have been taken to address the situation, including the imposition of sanctions on the individuals and offering rewards for information leading to their apprehension.

The individuals of concern are:

  1. Al-Wahi Ahmed Imam Muhammad Zein (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  2. Amjad Faisal Youssef Ajeeb (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  3. Salah Abdo Muhammad Salem (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  4. Ahmed Haider Muhammad Ibrahim (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  5. Osama Ahmed Abdel Salam (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  6. Osman Hussein Yusuf (Somali) / ISIS.
  7. Abu Ubaida Al-Mamoun (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  8. Bakr Muhammad Haqar (Chadian) / Al-Qaeda.
  9. Muhammad Osama Ibrahim (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  10. Al-Nour Adam Juma (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  11. Musa Nazir Hamdan (Egyptian) / ISIS.
  12. Khaled Musa Abdel Khaleq (Sudanese) / ISIS.
  13. Muhammad Yassin Ibrahim (Sudanese) / Al-Qaeda.
  14. Ahmed Muhammad Al-Sayed (Egyptian), nicknamed Abu Fatima / ISIS.
  15. Ahmed Abdel Fattah (Egyptian), nicknamed Abu Hajar / ISIS.
  16. Yasser Zidan Saleh (Egyptian) / ISIS.
  17. Nassim Muhammad Juma (Sudanese)

This alarming development underscores the urgent need for heightened security measures and international cooperation to counter the threat posed by terrorist organizations and prevent further destabilization of the region.