JUDSON Bennett’s Coastal Network
Dear friends,
I just finished watching the Trump event in Dalton Georgia on behalf of the run-off election for Senators Perdue and Loeffler. If these two conservative Senators do not win, the end of America as we know it will happen within a year. Before I get into some predictions and possibilities, I want to briefly discuss the taped conversation that the President had with the Georgia Secretary of State which was unethically recorded and released out of context to the Washington Post.
The conversation, although a waste of time on Trump’s part, was an attempt to settle the lawsuits that the Trump campaign has against the Secretary of State and the Georgia Department of Elections. Unfortunately, it is now being used as a diversion by the corrupt media to take away the fact that despite the Georgia Secretary of State’s claim to the contrary, the evidence of enough significant fraud in Fulton County, Georgia alone is enough to change the results of the Georgia election.
Unfortunately, Trump has managed again to get himself between the dog lifting his leg and the fireplug! He ends up getting pissed on by an unethical Secretary of State. Trump did nothing wrong and the press and the malicious liberals love to use it as a distraction!
I got the following e-mail attack from a Lewes, Delaware Liberal who has no understanding of the depth of the Georgia corruption or the reality of the Democrat move toward socialism and eventual communism. This is what the idiot said, “You mean to sit there and tell me you support Trump’s attempt to get the Georgia Secretary of State to cheat and “find” enough votes so he’ll win Georgia. If so sir you don’t deserve to live in a Democracy. Why don’t you move to Venezuela where your standards are more acceptable?” The vitriol was typical of this mean-spirited mentality.
The hypocrisy and the malicious agenda of the left is unbelievable. This individual is ignorant beyond belief, but is dangerous because he supports the socialist agenda that Biden, et al will generate. Folks the push towards a complete take-over of your lives and a lifelike Venezuela is what you are going to get if the Democrats prevail in the State of Georgia.
Without a doubt, Biden as President will be bad enough and will implement changes that will affect our lives. However, if we lose Georgia, we lose the Senate, and then God help us. If that happens this is what you can expect: 1) A significant tax increase, 2) Loss of your 2nd amendment and right to bear arms, 3) Elimination of the filibuster rule in the Senate, 4) Making Washington DC and Puerto Rico states with 4 new liberal Senators, 5) Elimination of the Electoral College, 6) Increasing the supreme Court to 15 Justices, 7) Medicare for All, 8) Open borders, and 9) The total move toward Socialism leading to Communism. A guaranteed life of mediocrity and hardship.
Folks, Georgia is on my mind and we have to hold the line there.
As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.
Respectfully Submitted,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network